Sunday, May 08, 2005

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Happy Mother's Day

Today is Glenda's first Mother's Day - so far, she deserves every gift out there for the excellent job she's done as a mom!

It's also been a week since Alisha Sofia has been home, and she's kept both Glenda and I on our toes all along. We always thought people were exaggerating a little when they told us "the baby will be more than a full time job", I guess they were all correct, over the last week, we've both been constantly occupied with baby related activities. Regardless, it's wonderful to have her home, there really is no better feeling than knowing that this little person was created by the two of us. Yes, even when she's wailing at the top of her lungs.

Even though her main job these days is to sleep, eat, poop and cry, Alsiha has already started developing a little bit of a personality of her own. For example, we've learned that the best way to swaddle her is to keep her left hand out of the swaddle, otherwise there will be hell to pay! The reward of letting this hand roam free was reaped the other night when Alisha found her own left thumb and latched on to it like there was no tomorrow - resulting in a peaceful 2.5 hr slumber for her and us.

Glenda and I have had fun making up games and songs for Alisha. A new favorite: after a recent 2 AM feeding, I started to softly sing to her:

Little baby, I love you all the time
Little baby, I'll love you until you're ninety nine

You'd be surprised at how many words rhyme with "time" - especially when there is a crying baby in your arms. I am not sure if it's the rhythm or the fact that she wants to stop hearing my horrible singing voice, but this song has done the trick a couple of nights in a row. I know, I know, I am not going to give up my day job to peruse a career in song writing just yet!

And now the pictures...

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Oh Baby, the Places You'll Go!

We've regularly been reading Tish Rabe's adaptation of Dr Suess' Oh the Places You'll Go. Recently, after I read her this book, I placed my ear on Glenda's stomach and Alisha gave me a nice solid kick - I'm assuming she liked it!

I have a feeling that as soon as she can speak, she'll be asking me to take her to Motta-fa-Potta-fa-Pell to visit the McGrew Zoo. It's a great book and even though I've read it to her many many times, I still get goosebumps everytime I read the last page. The next time you're at our home, let me know if you want to read this book to her.

Welcome to Alisha Sofia Gandhi's Blog

Dear Friends & Family,

Since many of you who care for Alisha are in different parts of the world, we thought this would be a good way to keep in touch and learn about the latest developments of the newest addition of our extended family. We'll be posting pictures regularly, so check back often. Speaking of pictures, here's one of Glenda in Alisha's new room. We hope you'll all visit again soon, both virtually and in person. Lots of love,

Glendalys & Pritesh